7 problems that prevent you from improving your SEO

Most people recognize that anything worthwhile requires work. It takes time and energy to get a valuable return on an investment. This principle is one that can apply to many areas of life, one of which is your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.

You probably know that you should not expect to improve the rankings of your site overnight. But if you are going to spend time and money on something, it is reasonable to expect to make a profit at some point. If you never see an improvement in your SEO campaign, then you are doing something wrong. Here are seven problems that could prevent you from increasing the rankings of your site.

1. Quit smoking because it's taking too long

Even if you know that your results will not be instantaneous, you may be waiting to see them too soon. When some people do not see any improvement in a few months, they decide that their SEO efforts are not working and they give up. This is a mistake.

How long does SEO take?

Skyler Malley, of Firestarter SEO in Denver, points out that certain variables will affect the time it will take you to succeed with your SEO campaign. You may see the fruits of your work very quickly, but they may also take a while to develop. Whatever happens, Malley says that "the progress seen in the early stages should pale in comparison to the results seen at the end of the first year."

2. Abusing keywords

Keywords are essential for you to be successful in SEO, but do not overuse them. You do not want to include a lot of keywords in your content so you can have a higher rank. Stuffing keywords will not serve your readers, and you risk being on the wrong side of Google by doing so.

3. Do not post the site history

You must recognize that if your domain or website has been penalized, then your work is much more difficult. That does not mean that you will not be able to get your site classified. It only means that your work is more difficult. The same is true if you bought your site from a previous owner. Whoever owned the domain before had a different purpose and had different contact information. It will take you time to build your own story. Of course, it will also take some time to build your history if your domain is completely new.

4. neglect directories

A directory that you must claim immediately if you have not already done so is Google My Business. Google My Business is an opportunity to be included for free in a site with a high level of traffic and authority. Despite what some think, other online directories are valuable to help your search engine. The key is to get your business included in quality directories, not in spam directories. Include your business in as many solid online directories as possible. Make sure your name, address and phone number (NAP) are consistent in all of your listings.

5. Misuse of backlinks

Backlinks are indispensable for SEO. But if you do not know what you are doing, they are also an excellent way to penalize your site. Do not include backlinks that are forced, irrelevant or non-educational for your followers. The key to backlinks is to make sure they are relevant to your content and that they fit naturally to them. They should be instructive and clearly support the purpose of your publications. If you have these qualities and come from authorized sites, your own site will benefit greatly.

Moz has some suggestions for getting backlinks without incurring the wrath of Google. You can ask people you know to link to your blog, as long as they do it in a natural and useful way for users. Look for online instances where people have mentioned your business without linking to you. Then ask them to link to your business. It is a good idea to look for mentions monthly.

Another thing you can do is use the Google Search Console to find the times when people have tried to link to you, but the links are broken. Consider doing an event or a promotion, especially one that benefits people. Then, ask a journalist to write you and connect with you. Take a look at HARO, a platform that helps journalists who need to write a story to discover companies that could help them. If your company provides a service relevant to a story you find through HARO, you can connect with that reporter and get a link to your site.

6. Create poor content

You need to optimize your content for SEO, but you also need to create high quality and educational content. Creating solid content requires a lot of work, but doing it is important to increase traffic. Good content benefits your audience and builds your authority. The more niche your content is, the better your traffic will be.

Obviously, it is better if you can choose evergreen themes. But in addition to having something good to say and say it well, there are other ways to get people's attention. Make sure your titles are attractive and that your blog is well designed. Also make sure to offer visual content regularly, such as infographics and videos, which generates a lot of commitment.

7. Thinking that you can control everything

As we said earlier, being successful in SEO is not a formulated process. Because certain aspects are beyond your control, your results will have a degree of unpredictability. For example, the industry you have chosen affects the level of competition you face. And the level of competition you face affects how difficult it will be to rank for certain keywords. Some companies will have a much easier time classification than you simply because you are in a more challenging industry.

Guidelines, not a formula

How long does SEO take to start working? That depends, but you should see the results within a year if you implement the strategies described above. Do not neglect these crucial steps to increase your traffic and promote your online business.