7.1 nougat – How to mount the partition sdext2 using the Apps2SD script, before the assembly of the system?

Using the Apps2SD Pro application on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005, Resurrection Remix Nougat v5.8.5 with Magisk v17.1.

I lose the linked applications again and again after rebooting. This has happened several times.

I tried all types of assembly script, including advanced, but after several restarts, the linked applications are disappearing (error attached). See the Storage screenshot, where you can see sdext2 (labeled EXT4) mounted by system, instead of Apps2SD.

The problem is that the sdext2 partition is mounted before Apps2SD starts and initializes, so Apps2SD can not mount the sdext2 partition, so the system loses the installed linked applications.

How can I make Apps2SD start before the sdext2 partition is mounted by the Resurrection Remix system?


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