5 native items – Items expired for $ 10

5 Native Items – Expired Items

Buy 1 high quality item = $ 2 USD

  1. Are you looking for an attractive and high-quality item in 24 hours?
  2. Tired of paying $ 10 per 500 words to native writers?
  3. Are you still spending a lot of money on items that don't make any sense?
  4. Do you need high quality content for your website / guest post / blog / pbn to get lots of visitors per day?
  5. Do you need bulk content daily but your writer can't deliver it on time?
  6. Are you afraid of using spun articles?
  7. Tired of buying stinky items online?

If you think the answer to any of the above questions is YES, Then you are in the right place! No need to find another content writer!
We will manually find high quality expired items in a short time and deliver it to you. Any blog or website needs high-quality articles, as they say: content is king when it comes to SEO.


☑ 3 days maximum delivery (generally 24h)
☑ All admitted niches (must be broad: travel, technology, business …)
☑ Unique items
☑ Manual scraping
☑ Persuasive and engaging content
☑ Original (grammatically approved)
☑ High quality (mainly written by native writers)
☑ Delivered on time!


►Number of words per article?

300-3000 +

► Where can I use this content?

Money site, blogs, Guest Guest, Link Building, filler content, internal pages, PBN sites

► Are these items unique?


► Do you resell them multiple times?

Not absolutely not !!! One item for a single customer.

► Where did you get these unique content?

We scrape high quality expired items from dead websites.

► Are these articles reviewed for plagiarism?

We review all articles with the online plagiarism checker. We make sure the item is unique before delivering it to the customer.

What is needed?

We need your niche and the quantity of articles.

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