4 words to save and 4 words to kill your email subject line

Hi guys! I want to share a quick excerpt from Mailchimp's research here.

MailChimp conducted an investigation and analyzed millions of e-mail subject lines. They have found that 1 word increases the opening rate by 57% for all users on average.

Here you can see what you can earn or lose when you use specific words in your subject line.

Positive impact on the opening rate:
Free: + 2%
Freebie: + 26%
Urgent: + 79%
Thanks: + 57%

Negative impact on the opening rate:
Canceled: -40%
Helping: -12%
Donate: -56%
Last chance: -45%

Source: https://mailchimp.com/resources/research/catchy-email-subject-lines/