3 reasons to avoid the use of rotating articles

Right now I saw another thread in which a person requested the best spinner article available.
I wanted a spinner where I did not have to create all those spintax and brackets and stuff.
The point is that, in the first place, you should not even be using an article to spin the article.

Here are the 5 reasons:
1. It's too much work for nothing.
Just think about it.
How much time do you spend trying to create a spintax article?
I used rotating articles in the past and spent about half an hour … sometimes even more.
Of course, I was able to create many articles … but was it useful?
I could create 100 articles and publish it in 100 article directories, but the thing is that readers were not buying after reading those articles.

Yes, I was getting backlinks but since I spent a lot of time creating low quality articles, I no longer had time to create high quality articles.

2. Article directories no longer work.
Yes, you can create 100 articles with a spin article, but article directories no longer have the same effect on your search engine rankings.
On the contrary, a training program of which I am a member has told us that we no longer publish in the article directories.
It's much better to publish articles on your own site instead of in some directory of little-known articles that google does not even like.
And I would not publish articles created with articles of related articles on my own site. Never!

3. It forces you to focus on quantity instead of quality.
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you use a spin article?
As soon as you start writing your article … before writing the first word, your mind is already decided.
You're thinking that I want to create 100 or even 200 articles with these.
You're thinking with what other words I can replace this word.
You are no longer thinking about the reader.
You are no longer thinking about the client.

All you think is how many alternatives can I use for this word?
But a 100 or even 1000 items can not help you …
If the reader does not buy you.
If the reader does not subscribe to your newsletter.
If the reader does not click on your ad.

What are you writing the articles for?

On the other hand, if you write good quality articles.
With the reader in mind, they reward you.
like your content … on facebook
Share your content … on twitter
If your article is really good … and people really like it.
There are chances that your article will go viral and attract thousands … even millions of free visitors to your site.

Do you think that people will share or like an article created with the article spinner?
I do not think so.

Therefore, my friends, instead of focusing on quantity … better focus on quality.
People are generous and will reward you … by "liking" and "sharing" your articles, but not if your content is just to please the search engines.

That's my value of 2 cents