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No matter how old you are, you have achieved something you are happy or proud of. What is it?

I should say that I am proud of how much I have improved over the years, in terms of being more willing to do things without having to ask about them.

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About us,


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reactjs – Firestore – Simple full-text search solution

I know that Firestore does not support full-text search and gives us a solution to use third-party services. However, I found a simple solution for simple "full text search" and I think this could help other people who do not want to use third party services like me for such a simple task.
I am trying to find the name of the company that is stored in the firestore collection under my company name, which can be in any format, for example, "My impressive company". When adding (updating) a value in companyName, I also save searchName with the same value as the name of the company but in lowercase without spaces

searchName: removeSpace (companyName) .toLowerCase () 

removeSpace is my simple custom function that removes all spaces in a text

export const removeSpace = (string) => {
return string.replace (/  s / g, & # 39; & # 39;);

That makes the name of our company myawesomecompany that is saved in searchName

Now I have a firestore function to search for company that indexes through searchName and returning companyName. The minimum search value is a searched value without the last character and the maximum search value is a searched value with "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz added" transformed to lowercase. That means if you're looking My aw then the minimum value will be mya and the maximum value will be myawzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

exports.handler = ((data) => {
const searchName = data.value.replace (/  s / g, & # 39; & # 39;) .toLowerCase ()
const minName = searchName.substr (0, searchName.length-1)
const maxName = searchName + "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
let list = []
const newRef = db.collection ("user"). where ("profile.searchName", "> =", minName) .where ("profile.searchName", "<=", maxName)
return newRef.get()
.then(querySnapshot => {
querySnapshot.forEach (doc => {
list.push ({name: doc.data (). profile.companyName})
return list

I did not have time to fully test it, but until now it works without problems. Please, let me know if you see something wrong with it. Now the question is

Is the "z" character the highest value character in firestore or is there some other more decent way to add to the maximum amount of the search value without adding "zzzzzzzzzzzzz"?

php – Online converter – factors to consider before development

I have experience in frontend work (HTML, CSS and jS). I worked with PHP and MySQL. And I experimented with UNIX-based web servers (Apache, nginx) and acquired knowledge with bash scripts. In a future project I will connect these skills.

I would like to create a website, where a user loads some files on the web server, the server does some magic (conversion using ffmpeg, generation of an XML file, compression of said files and encryption using openssl). The user can download the output. The files will be stored on the server for a couple of hours until they are deleted.
Concept for a better understanding.

The final product is a somewhat simpler form of platforms like online-convert.com. You may think that the project does not make sense, but I am trying to expand my knowledge through this project.

Generally speaking, What should I keep in mind before jumping into this project? What problems can arise that I do not know? What technologies / languages ​​can be useful to choose?

More specific insecurities: given that several users will upload files and expect conversions at the same time, what should be taken into account? What technology to use, generate and redirect to a download page?

Plugin development – WordPress OOP get current user question?

I have a simple add-on that I am trying to use to learn OOP, please be patient with me. I am setting up a part to show the data of the user account and I want to obtain the information of the current user. I know how to do this procedurally, but I'm confused about how to do it in OOP, I always get undefined function errors.

The structure of the class is configured as follows:

This is in a separate class file that requires the PHP file of the main plugin, so it should be activated as the plugin is loaded.

Am I convinced that a method that establishes the $ user property will be the best way to do this, so that I can call that method / object wherever I want in the add-on when I need to work with the current user? or it is an exaggeration because wordpress already provides this functionality.

Or, should I simply add a function to my PHP file of the main plugin that fills a global $ current_user with the details of the current user through wp_get_current_user?

Thank you

Advanced Google Analytics filter question

I want to get 2 directories only in Google Analytics to compare them. We can do that? What is the correct code?

| Source / Medium | RegEx Matching | ^ (bing / cpc | adcenter / cpc) $

This does not work. I'm trying to get bing / cpc and adcenter / cpc and compare only these two on one screen.

Thanks to everyone who tries to help!

rabbitmq – Is there a WebSockets server that accepts connections and can be controlled through HTTP?

I have a small group of RabbitMQ and I want clients to be able to see the results of the work in that group. I do not want them to connect to RabbitMQ directly for security reasons. Is there a simple client-oriented server that I can use to accept WebSocket connections from clients through which I can send messages to my clients? I expect something with some API through HTTP to which I can connect from the code of my backend and send a message about a specific topic. If any client connects at that moment, you must obtain the update.

Basically, it's a simple messaging server that works through WebSockets, so I do not have to reconfigure my backend application. I'm pretty sure RabbitMQ can be used for this, but I guess it's not the best idea since it's quite complicated and is not intended for direct client connections. If none of this is possible, I will probably have to write one, but I expected something more tested in the battle.

What is the advantage of carrying a tripod and ND filters when you could use image stacking instead?

I would like to comment that a tripod also it makes image stacking better. By fixing the position of the camera, the tripod eliminates Perspective changes. Through the additional use of correct tripod technique, the tripod can also eliminate the movement, which allows long-term shutter exposures. The two concepts are not necessarily 100% one for the other.

All right, but the "silly" image stack can not account for changes in perspective, which in the most precise terms is the precise location of the camera's entrance pupil. So hold the camera with your hand and take, for example, 50 or 100 images, while moving slightly due to body movement, may as a result, more images are discarded from the stack. Worse still, those images could do not to be expelled, and they are averaged in the result, which contributes slightly to a less sharpness.

Now, some of the latest smart phones, with 3D depth mapping capabilities, along with really good computational photography algorithms, can theoretically deal with small changes in perspective (or if not now, they can do it soon, at cheaper prices and more economical) ). But that's no reason to rely on technology to compensate for a simple problem in the technique, IMO.

Personally, I am a fan of the slow tripod and ND filter process. I enjoy taking the slow process, setting up the tripod and the filters, calculating the exposure. And I like the challenge of trying to balance the exposure in the most correct way possible in the camera.

When it comes to scenes that also have to balance the dynamic range in different areas by using graduated ND filters, the stacking of images may or may not produce the same results. I'm serious can get the desired results, but I would have to take a stack of exposed images for the lightest parts of the scene, and then take a stack of exposed images for the darkest parts of the scene, and mix those two stacks in the post. It can absolutely be done (and it has done), but it is not the route I prefer, when I can use graduated ND filters to mix the dynamic range in the camera.

Incorrect password after updating from 17.10 to 18.04 with full disk encryption

This seems to be due to an error in 17.10 which makes the design always the standard US design. UU When entering your password, even if you have configured the design in something else.

I use Dvorak, so I configured it when I entered my password for encryption initially. Only it's not really Dvorak while writing it, it's actually still the standard US design. UU

For example, let's say your password is "hello". When you write "hello" and assume Dvorak when the design is really the standard US design, you get "jdpps". You assume that your password is "hello" but it is actually stored as "jdpps".

You never realize this, because when they ask you, it's also a US standard behind the scenes, so when you type your "hello" password in Dvorak you actually get "jdpps", and you're in there.

In 18.04, however, they seem to have solved the error. So now when you type "hello" in Dvorak, it's really "hello" and it no longer matches your stored password.

To re-enter, you simply need to find out what was actually stored, seeing what would be generated if you typed your password into your native design while the actual design is configured in American English. I did this, and wrote that password, and it worked.

I hope this helps someone else, I struggled with this for a few hours. I would say that this is really one of the most perfect mistakes I have found.

Soft question: Why was it called "arithmetization" of the analysis?

According to Wikipedia

Kronecker originally introduced the term analysis arithmization, with which he referred to his constructivization in the context of natural numbers …

Why did you call this construction (apparently of real numbers) of natural numbers? arithmization?
Is it because each real number is a limit of some convergent series (obtained by the summation arithmetic operator) of rational (obtained by the division operation of applied arithmetic on natural)? But he did to know that?