2010 – Hierarchy of Formulas In Calculated Columns

Is there an established hierarchy for formulas in calculated columns?

Long story short our IT team got lazy and didn’t complete user profiles.

In order to get a proper name from a user field I’m using “extract substring from index of string” in SPD.
That value gives me “first name.last name” which I then have to use PROPER on to get “First name.Last name”.
I’m then disassembling both Firstname and Lastname using RIGHT and LEFT in two different columns with the “.” as the delimiter and finally using CONCATENATE to put the two back together again.

5 columns to just get “Firstname Lastname”.

I’d like to whittle that all down to one calculated column but I have no idea what formula should take precedence.

e.g. =CONCATENATE(Proper(Right)(Left))?

I wouldn’t care about just using five columns to get what I want but for some reason unknown to me the calculated columns have un-hidden themselves and are showing up in the new form.