20 pages viewed by WEEK + 7K Twitter Impressions by WEEK Sales website and Twitter acc.

Why are you selling this site?
I wanted to turn it over in the short term to move on to bigger projects
How do you monetize?
E-commerce / dropshipping:
– All products are direct shipping, so only you buy from the supplier with the client's money after purchase Your product first.
– This site uses Woocommerce: a FREE alternative to Shopify. It is more complicated to configure, but I already configured it. Therefore, you can enjoy the free benefits of e-commerce without the hassle.

Does this site come with any social media account?
– A Twitter account that generates 7k impressions per week.
– An automatic publication scheduler to promote the account. (see more at "How long…")

– $ 2 per month to access full publishing privileges on TweetDeck (via Twitter). Doing this gives you control of the account without breaking the Twitter Terms of Service.
– $ 1 for year for the domain (this year already paid)

How long does this site take to run?
– The automatic publications programmer directs traffic to the website from Twitter without any help. Make publications for you by sharing media or republishing things.
– The website does not need maintenance, so everything is passive.

What challenges exist to run this site?
You must configure the store on the web hosting platform you prefer.
– Customer service can do this for you (I am using Bluehost and they set up the site for me after giving them the files, for free)

I had to crop these images because the full sizes were too large.
Full screen capture of Google Analytics here: https://perchrold.club/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/PERCHROLD_GA.png

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