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There is not one Once you download your first list, you will not have money.
behind; sorry! As this is a digital service / product, please note that paypal
Client protection does NOT cover you. (So ​​there's no scammy hit-and-runs,
I'm sorry guys

Word of warning to wringers

Every. Single. List. It has a unique url embedded in it
random places). This url is unique to your account. If we find a list
floating around, it takes a moment to identify the culprit, and
prohibit them

As we fill our member spaces, we will be adding more
security measures, to ensure that we have a more secure membership area than
can provide.

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Review copies, etc.

We have 20 beta-testers here on the GSA forums, and we've asked everyone to write to us! Be alert and see what they have to say.