18.04 – Is updating Ubuntu more risky than not?

In the last six months, my computer was rendered unusable twice (unable to log in) as a result of an update. (A regular update, performed by apt-get upgrade In the terminal).

I was able to solve the problem and solve it the first time, but in the second I had to reinstall the operating system (18.04).

This is annoying to say the least, so I am considering not updating my Ubuntu from now on, since it works fine now, and I'm afraid it will stop working if I update it. I'm not sure why this happens, but I do know that my laptop is not very "Linux compatible" (it didn't have Wi-Fi or sound when I first installed it, etc.).

Question: Is this risky for some reason? Will I miss important stability updates that can reuse my computer? In other words: update or not?