18.04 – How to alternate mouse events when turning on the backlight of the keyboard?

I would like to be able to avoid or disable mouse events from my touchpad on a dell XPS laptop to wake up or reset the keyboard backlight timeout timer.

When I only read and move silently with my mouse / touchpad, I do not want the backlight of my keyboard to blind me and the screen to dim, but when I'm going to type or press a key, only then I would like the backlight of the keyboard to wake up and reset the waiting time.

And no, I do not want to have to look for the Fn background key in the dark every time I change read / scroll / click to write; you must distinguish the mouse from keyboard activity as a wake-up call. Preferably, I would like to toggle the mouse events to restart / not restart the behavior of the keyboard backlight timeout, but that is a lower priority.

The keyboard backlighting continues on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS