100% manual SEO service, PM for customized budget

Are you looking for an SEO service that still works? Have you tried many suppliers and still have not obtained results?

We will help you classify your keywords / urls using only manual methods of whitehat, and we will suggest any changes to the site if necessary. We will help create a link building plan around the ranking of your specific keywords. The work will be carried out for a month and you will be provided with reports of the created links. We will be observing the rankings closely and making sure that every month that you perform SEO with us you will see an improvement in the ranking or we will do additional work to make this happen.

We currently manage SEO for more than 100 sites, with our largest client making more than 10 million dollars a year in sales. 85% of our revenues are from returning customers. Some of the criticisms

He really keeps his word. He has a fantastic knowledge of SEO techniques and has a team that can flood the web with tens of thousands of high quality links every month. It offers constant reports that detail article submissions, blog comments (PR3 +), forum posts with URLs that point directly to the pages where the links have been placed. Really impressive, your team can offer so many links monthly and keep everything organized.

I have worked with Jihoy in several large projects. After hiring him for my most recent job, improving my position in 18th place for a very competitive keyword, he elevated the site to 10 positions in less than 3 weeks. And all the indicators show that he will bring the site over in the coming weeks.

I am really impressed with your service and would recommend it to anyone who is serious About an SEO campaign for competitive terms and is looking for a higher and more reliable professional.

Jihoy has done a great job of SEO both for my day job site and for my personal websites. He has consistently delivered quality links from a variety of sources. Many other link builders take shortcuts and perform questionable jobs, but Jihoy goes above and beyond to make a customer happy. He was able to follow my exact specifications no matter what the job was. I have used their services for specific tasks, such as blog comments and forum posts, as well as full SEO service with a combination of services. I highly recommend Jihoy.

Jihoy was VERY USEFUL and always tried hard to answer all my questions. I had a very small budget to spend, but Jihoy was willing to solve it with me. He gave me different strategies on how we can work to improve my SERP rank for a low competitiveness keyword and be new to SEO, I did not know much, but he was very patient and took the time to explain SEO terms and the different types of Methods to improve the results of organic search engines. After sending him money through PayPal, he quickly went to work and immediately gave FAST results ahead of schedule! I received a comprehensive report on the list of 50 links, the public relations of each link (which were PR3 +, personally verified), the alternative text used for my specific keyword and the URL to which it would be sent. If you plan to work with Jihoy, I personally recommend it. He responds quickly, will resolve things with you (he cares about the little one :) ) and is a professional who works VERY HARD.

Thanks Jihoy, I hope we can work together in the future.

We have been working with Jihoy for two months and we see good traction in our keyword ranking. The communication is great, always punctual and to the point. Very easy to work. I recommend? A definite yes!

I have been working with Jihoy for about a month and I am constantly impressed by his SEO skills and useful communication.
Get FAST quality links with a full report. These links are high PR, it's really impressive.
Also, whenever I have questions about SEO, he is always there to help me with quick and realistic answers.
Top uncle, superior service.
If you have any questions, go ahead with a small order, I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

I have tried this service for the first month and I have to say that I am very happy so far. They seem very experienced and professional and they have built all the links that they promised. The links are blogs of very good quality (mainly PR3 and PR4) but there are some more. They also offer angela and paul style links and social votes to make your website look more natural to google. It has only been a little over a week, so we will have to see the impact it will have on Google, but I trust that the result will be excellent and I will probably return in the future to do business. with this boy again.

Send us an email to get more details, with the keywords / URL you want to classify. Thank you.

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