1-year content site with $ 3,000 revenue and 2.5 million page views per month

The target audience of the project is represented by people interested in investments and cryptography.
Currencies with average or average + income.

This project will be interesting for:
 Companies that are going to launch their ICO;
 Companies that provide advertising services for ICO projects;
 Companies that develop or plan to develop in the field of investment;
 Companies that simply want to benefit from this project.

The initial investment in this project was around $ 100,000. This amount included advertising in
Specialized resources, PR and social media advertising, as well as the purchase of links.
By buying this project, you are getting a resource with a millionth and flexible visit
monetization possibilities. Although this resource will reach its peak in development during the
direct advertising sale, you can also use the monetization of google, yahoo and other ads
 Directed and paid audience;
 Ability to manage the project from anywhere in the world;
 An excellent project with relevant topics;
 Possibility of justifying the purchase costs for half a year.
Two copywriters and an SEO specialist are involved in the project. Contacts of specialists
It will also be transferred when buying.
Time restrictions:
 Editors control – 2 hours per week;
 SEO control – 1 hour per week;
 Control of the sales department – 2 hours per week.

To continue developing the project, it will be necessary to increase the amount of incoming traffic and
The quality of the articles that will be published on the site.