04.14 – acpi-cpufreq is not loaded and there are no CPU governor options available

I noticed a reduction in the performance of my Ryzen 2600x, so I went to configure the governor to work, however, cpufreq-set could not do it.
Running cpufreq-info returns the cpufreq driver not or unknown is active on this CPU for each nucleus. He also noticed that / sys / devices / system / cpu / cpu * / cpufreq / no longer exists.
lsmod | grep -i acpi It does not return anything, so it seems acpi-cpufreq It is not loading. I tried to load the module manually, without success. I have also added it to modules.load.d unsuccessfully
This is in the kernel 5.0.0-7.

This started recently, a few days ago I was able to establish the governor.

Any indication of whether this is something I am doing wrong, or is it an error in some recent update to 19.04?