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That has been the question that mainly reverberates in the heads of those less well versed in the subject of cryptocurrency trading. The one who assures you that you must buy because the BTC will go up, is lying, the one who ensures that you wait because the BTC will go down because a correction is coming, is lying, for sure nobody knows what will happen to the price in the short term, what If it is certain, it is that the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise over time. If you want to be part of the profits, you must prepare yourself mentally to invest in the long term, therefore it is best to invest a certain amount of money at certain time intervals, if the BTC falls in price, buy, if the BTC rises in price, buys, so you can get an average in the bought price. You just have to wait, have strong hands not to sell.
What do you think about this strategy?
Would you buy BTC if it goes up in price?
Would you buy BTC if it drops in price?