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According to statements by Pavel Durov, the CEO and founder of this important and well-known chat application in the crypto community will be forced to monetize Telegram because they can no longer support the operating costs and this because the United States Securities Commission ( SEC), thwarted its tokenization and Blockchain plans.
Telegram was going to use its GRAM token to monetize its chat platform, initially they raised 1.7 billion dollars.
What do you think about the SEC’s move by truncating Telegram’s plans to launch its token and blockchain?
Do you agree that Telegram monetize your chat?

Because Pavel Durov, Telegram’s CEO and founder, hinted that he can no longer afford to bankroll the chat app, stating that rising server costs and other expenses were costing him “hundreds of millions of dollars a year.”

He claimed that unlike the founders of WhatsApp – who sold their firm to Facebook in 2014 – he would not consider looking for a buyer. However, he wrote,

“Telegram will start monetizing from next year. In doing so, we will remain true to our values and the guarantees that we made in the past. We will be able to monetize Telegram unobtrusively – most users will hardly notice any major changes.”

Durov stated that all existing Telegram services would remain free, and that its messaging services would remain ad-free. However, he added that Telegram would start charging to additional business-related functions and that “users with advanced needs” would be expected to pay.