❕NEWS – Spacex to take dogecoin as payment for future moon mission | Proxies123.com

Hi, i developed today some idea that will make Elon Musk to be sorry for touching cryptocurriency community in that bad way like he did. We dont need to buy his cars using bitcoin (it is waste of money), and we dont need him in cryptocurrency market at all. I advise you to vote your money against engaging big tech business in this market. My solution for childich behaviour which have been served to all of cryptocurrency community by Elon Musk is to sell all doge coin and to force Elon Musk to withdraw from this market. I advise you to sell all your doge coin or to swap your doge coin portfolio to other cryptocurrency which is not spoted by speculative and manipulative personalities as Elon Musk. Lets teach Elon Musk humility. And if he want to go to the moon, well, he can do it by getting credit in his friends bank, Goldman Sachs and he can do it using USD for this purpose. Cryptocurrency comunity do not need Elon Musk in its ranks. Lets kick out big investors and malicious manipulators from cryptocurrency community. Are you agreee with me?