❕NEWS – Bitcoin continues to rise but … beware of halving, it happens every 4 years!! | Proxies123.com

A constant topic of current economy in this period is certainly Bitcoin, which is constantly rising in its value.
Now everyone would be ready to invest, some more, some less, according to everyone’s personal availability.
But keep in mind an important factor called Halving!
Therefore, the Bitcoin core was designed to produce a maximum of 21 million units, this to avoid increasing the rate of inflation.
Halving marks the moment when the miners’ reward is reduced by half. This event occurs every 210,000 blocks extracted, approximately every 4 years.

Note: Anyway the last halving dates back to December 2018. However, there was another halving last March, but this was due to something else. Most people think it was the serious coronavirus problem, though effectively, this has never been well clarified.