❓ASK – How to monetize a channel that was using copied content . | Proxies123.com

Hello, before getting into the main topic, a channel that’s not using original content is basically a channel that was uploading some content it didn’t own, such as music lyrics, movies or pictures, a lot of people that have Youtube channels that meet the monetizing requirements but they don’t get approved since their channels are filled with copyrighted content .

NOTE : This topic is based on my polish friend’s experience that was uploading copyrighted content (gameplays with copyrighted music) for 9 YEARS! and he got his channel approved using the trick that i’ll talk about down below ;)

After he got his application denied in May 2018, he stopped uploading the content he was using to upload and immediatly changed the niche, he succeded in it and after like 6 months, he appealed once again and he got it approved !

another NOTE : he didn’t delete the copied content but just made the new content take over the channel and the old content got in the bottom of the channel .
another NOTE : spam your new content as much as possible you can and use thumbnails to make your channel looks more professional .