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I don’t make that much too because I am currently just active in paid to write sites. That includes beer money forum, forum coin and dime forum. When I combine earnings from these three sites, I make 20dollars per month.
Thanks I will try them last one you forum mentioned.
I am also trying to strategize on ptw sites and hoping to see alot of conversions and have over 100 bucks per month.It’s ambitious but worth it.Imagine somebody has only too messages on bmf and they have earned $100.I have stoped complaining about the tier3 or geo restriction syndrome as an excuse.Check uptrennd,mylot,bdf,publishox,microploy and taskversal.

Some ptc sites are good for buying signups at less than $5 so that people will be working for you while you are asleep like offersbux and one I mentioned ontop.