❓ASK – A job offer for me via e-commerce | Proxies123.com

Yesterday I was contacted for a job opportunity.
It was about e-commerce, therefore for the sale of products for the JEUNESSE company, via smartworking, therefore become a remote collaborator.
The salary is obviously for commission (this is important to know).
Assuming that I am totally layman to this type of business, there would be two options:

A: Become a collaborator, paying an initial sum of € 29 (including kit products to be tested by me)
B: Same as above but without paying anything, but obviously without receiving product kits.

Of course they advised me to choose “Option A”, this, with their classic sentence: “How can you promote and sell products without having tried them first?“.
So, yesterday evening they called me, however I should receive further informations via email or whatsapp.
But currently, I still have to think before making a decision like: To cooperate or reject the offer?
So i ask: Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you.