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at the moment we dont offer those earning methods, there arent any plans to set up a faucet section but i’ll note it down incase there is more demand for it :] PTC is something we do want to add in the future so i’d reccomend to keep an eye out for that.

The Earning Methods are Located on the Dashboard, there is a Tab Navigation with all our Earning methods listed under the “Earn Blaze” Title. some Earning Methods may have different content for different regions, but we try to keep it as open as possible for anyone. is there a way we can improve this in your oppinion? would love to hear your feedback if so

Thank you for Trying out our Site, i understand your feedback about the shortlinks as they do often feature misleading/sensetive content or ads. there are alot of users who prefer having more shortlinks available even if they do have a couple flaws, so to try and offer the feature for both groups we added a Review System that allows users to mark Shorteners as NSFW and rate their difficulty. the badges in the “Notes” sections are hoverable to show difficulty score and NSFW chance,it may have been unclear as the site only launched yesterday these reviews werent yet completed. but i’d love to hear if there is something we can improve, is there perhaps a different earning method you’d like to see?

The Feedback on the Referral System has been voiced by a couple people so far and we do agree. we’ve made some changes to make it a little easier by showing the link right after creating a campaign and adding a short guide on the page, if you have some feedback on this i’d love to hear it.

Thank you everyone for your first impressions, we’re still adding more and more features and are looking to earn a new Video Earning method soon.