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What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a pioneering freelance market place where people who have any skill they think they can market can go and market their skills waiting for the right employer to pick them. By the way, freelance means working for someone based on contract and being free to work for anyone you like, any time you want.


Fiverr came into the freelancing world, around 2010 and introduced a freelancing style where you offer to do anything for anyone just for 5 bucks. However, since then it has advanced that freelancers are setting the prices way above 5 bucks.

Here is an example of a logo design page on Fiverr


A typical Fiverr advert goes like this “I will design an outstanding logo for you in 24 hours starting at $5”. Another one “I will design a creative logo for you in 4 hours”.

What You can Do On Fiverr
Logo Design is not the only thing you can do for people to earn money on Fiverr. There are many more of them.

Fiverr has lots of categories such as Graphic Design (logo design falls here), Digital Marketing, Writing And Translation, Video And Animation, Music And Audio, Programming And Tech, Business and Lifestyle.

Each of these categories have lots of sub categories on them. Here is an example of Graphic Design category sub categories.


Who Can Work On Fiverr?
Anyone at all, who want to earn money online can work on Fiverr. Fiverr accepts all countries and allows anyone to work from anywhere. It is also FREE to join.

Fiverr Payment Methods
You can withdraw your earned money on fiverr through

Paypal (Minimum withdrawal here is $1. You must earn up to $1 before you can withdraw. No payment fees involved.)

Fiverr Revenue Card (Minimum withdrawal for this is $5. You must earn up to $5 before you can withdraw through this method. Fiverr does not charge you a withdrawal fee but MasterCard does.)

Fiverr Revenue Card is sponsored by MasterCard, and you can set it up on Fiverr and add it as your payment method. You will receive any earnings you earn on Fiverr on this card, while you have the card in your hand. You can withdraw your funds through any MasterCard supported ATM around the world.

Bank Transfer (Minimum withdrawal here is $20 and fiverr charges you a $3 fee for withdrawing through this method).

Direct Deposit (This is only allowed for US workers, and minimum withdrawal here is $10. Withdrawal fee is $1).

Should You Start Working On Fiverr Today?
Yes! Absolutely! If you want to earn money online, there is no reason you shouldn’t start working on fiverr today. There’s no limit to what you can do. There are skills on all levels needed by employers on fiverr and they pay for it.

Some freelancers even get paid to sing a birthday song on Fiverr. Some get paid to record a video of them dancing to a song. Anything you know how to do, you can find an opportunity to earn money with that on Fiverr.