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We will write the update records in the comments, so stay updated.

Frequently asked questions: why do not we focus mainly on the development of web 2.0?

Well for web 2.0 you can grab SERengines (for now),
our main goal is to create as many context engines as possible so that the client can classify their site incredibly fast

As you know web 2.0 when you create it, it will be the authority of domain 3 and the authority of page 2, even if it is WordPress or tumbler. You can try it right now. Go create a web 2.0 subdomain blog and verify it with moz or another SEO tool. It will only give you one backlink juice with the domain authority -10 and you will have to sort them all just to get backlikn from the 30 domain authority after a month! Why lose so much resource when you can get a backlink from the domain authority +60 to 95 in the first second you click on Start?

When you create an article on the high authority site of gov or edu, you will get a backlink from the domain authority +60 to 95 from the first day and the page authority from 60-80. that is why we do not bother to do web 2.0 at all, only those that will grant the domain authority of the main domain and we will not create a subdomain because the subdomain loses everything and will have to classify it to obtain the benefit of backlink.

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