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Forget the lists of expensive links that burn after a few days. Receive new links lists every day.

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Premium plan members are synchronizing all new results in real time directly to the GSA using the search engine feature.

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You can use only non-contextual platform link lists for desertion and recording projects, or choose contextual only for first layer campaigns.

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We sort all link lists based on GSA platforms, so you can use only those you need or import them into other SEO tools.

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We deduct all the results: you only get lists of unique links.

Sc Ultra-fast custom scraper

Our custom code scraper is installed on a solid cloud server farm that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for you.

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Get the best success rate: to ensure high quality, we check each platform and verify the page load times for each site.

Do not waste proxies, CPU or server time, or other resources to scrape.
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Lists of downloadable links from the Members Area.


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Lists of downloadable links from the Members Area.

Directly synchronized in your GSA.

Free Bonus: GSA Best Practices Guide


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